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Moose Excursion

Watching moose in their natural habitat is one of the most impressive experiences a Northern Country trip can offer. We know his favorite places and take them there in the Land Rover. We also tell you a lot of interesting facts about the imposing "King of Forests".

Experience exciting moose safaris with the experience professionals!

The moose safaris take place in the forests of Värmland, near the village Ekshärad. Criss-cross through the deep forests. One should have a watchful eye. Often the moose are still and watch their surroundings. "Have you seen a moose, have you already seen 20 moose?"

Start: in the early evening.

Duration: about 3.5-4 hours.

Prices: Adults 850: - Kr.
Children under 14 years 600: - Kr.

On all tours we serve a small dinner (coffee, tea, fruit juice, sandwiches, biscuits)

Sustainability and regionality are very important to us.

As far as it is possible, we use organically produced and fairly traded food from the region on our tours.

All prices include Swedish VAT.

Booking at: 0046- (0) 70-3544166 or info@erlebnis-profis.de

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