Peter Jäkel
Byn Byheden
68362 Ekshärad

Tel./Fax +49 -563-44166
Mobil +46-70-3544166


We have tents Romsdalshorn brand 3 Camp Helsport the company in the Rental

Equipment rental:
Prices in SEK

 1 Tag2 Tag3 Tag4 Tag5 Tag6 Tag1 Woche
Zelt (2 Pers.)200.-250.-275.-300.-325.-350.-400.-
Kochset *150.-175.-200.-225.-250.-275.-300.-
Familienpaket **1000.-1050.-1100.-1150.-1200.-1250.-1300.-

* Cooking set: Trangia stove, 2 pots, 1 pan, 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 x cutlery, 1x cleaning sponge

** Family package: 2 tents, 2 cooking sets, 4 sleeping mats, 2 pack sacks

Our camping equipment includes a folding spade (toilet) and a garbage bag for the garbage.
We have high quality Royalex Canadians ready for any use for you.

From the classic 2-seater to the team canadian for 12 people

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